Online casino games offer more and more opportunities to win, with different ways to bet and have fun without leaving home. Among the types of games, online slots are the ones with the greatest variety of titles and specificities to win fortunes with small bets. In this world, the popular Megaways games from Pragmatic Play stand out.

Therefore, in this article we will talk more about the company that develops online casino games Pragmatic Play, as well as show you the best slots with the Megaways mechanism and some of their features.

History of Pragmatic Play in the casino

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading developers of online casino games, in many ways. It is responsible for slot games, live games, card games, bingo, roulette, wheel of fortune and even virtual games like fully 3D and digital horse racing.

The company was founded in 2015 in Malta and has an extensive catalog of games. His project is oriented towards innovation in the world of online casinos and pays special attention to games for mobile devices. The company is reputable and holds online gambling licenses UK Remote Gambling Licence, Awarded Gibraltar Licence, Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and Philippine Amusement.

The story, however, begins before 2015, when, in 2007, the TopGame Technology company emerged with the proposal to develop games for online gambling. In 2008 he released his first game and development was gradual until 2015, when the current company was founded.

How do Pragmatic Play Megaways slots work?

Megaways slots

The Megaways system, as the name implies, offers many ways for the player to win. Megaways games feature a reel mechanism that changes all symbols with each bet, as well as having a different number of symbols on each reel of the machine, increasing the number of possible combinations.

There is the cascading mechanism, in which matching symbols disappear and new ones appear in their place. These can be combined with others in the game. Thus, in the same bet, the player can have multiple wins.

Features and bonuses of the Megaways games from Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play slots games with the Megaways feature have a number of bonuses and other features that you can check out at Bodog.

These bonuses make the game attractive and advantageous for the bettor, such as the cascading effect itself or the possibilities of extra spins without expenses for bets.

Drop functionality

Also known as the cascading effect, it occurs when matching paired symbols disappear from the screen and new ones appear in their place. These symbols can generate other combinations, and thus give rise to other new symbols. This creates a cascading effect and at the top prize this effect sets the symbols to zero and the prize is quite high.

Free spins feature

Free spins feature

Free spins are present in a variety of slot games, each with specific features for earning and using the spins, as well as the number of free spins that can be won. Free spins help the player to increase their winnings without the risk of losing money on the bet.

“Ante bet” functionality

This functionality allows the player to increase the minimum and maximum margin to bet on a given game. If the title in question offers this functionality, the player will be able to bet a little more and thus receive a bigger prize in case of winning.