If you are a fan and you like to bet on soccer, it is essential that you know the main sports betting markets to invest in your bets. Due to the great diversity of markets, the importance of knowing which is the best has a direct impact on your betting profile.

For this reason, in this article we will explain the main markets so that you can bet on soccer and obtain benefits by following the matches of your favorite teams and leagues.

What are sports betting markets?

The betting markets are the different types of bets that can be placed within a match. In fact, each market has its specific characteristics; that is, a certain type of bet that adapts to different bettors.

In soccer, the types of sports bets are conditioned by the characteristics of the sport, and are related to each specific match.

How do soccer betting markets work?

soccer betting markets

Each market has its own characteristics and, in general, is related to a certain event, such as a specific match. As we already mentioned, markets are conditioned by sport. Thus, in the case of soccer, you can make different bets: the winner of a match, the number of goals, the result, certain elements of the first half or the entire match.

You can also bet on ties or even place safe bets on the money invested, in all major markets.

Main soccer betting markets

Some betting markets are more prominent in soccer. The bets of over/under (more than/less than), BTTS (both teams score), the half with the most goals and moneyline (line to the result) are some of the most important. Next, we will present the names and characteristics of each of the main soccer markets.

How to bet on the Asian handicap?

The Asian handicap is the market that allows you to bet on the winning team of the match. However, this type of bet establishes a goal advantage or disadvantage of one team over the other. For example, in a match between Internacional and Grêmio, the handicaps are:

  • International: +1
  • Guild: −1

For this market, Internacional already starts with a 1-goal advantage, and Grêmio, therefore, with a 1-goal disadvantage on the scoreboard. If you decide to bet on Internacional, in the event that the team draws or wins in the ninety minutes, you will get benefits (the tie translates into victory, due to the favorable handicap). On the other hand, in the case of Grêmio, we must expect a victory by at least 2 goals difference.

It is worth remembering that this market provides a refund of the money wagered. This is what would happen, in this specific case, in a victory for Grêmio by 1 goal difference (which would generate, according to the handicaps presented, a tie).

What is the over/under bet? The over/under bet is related to the number of total goals in a match. The over/under betting market stipulates a certain number of total goals in a match or playing time, so you place your bet based on a set number of goals. In this type of bet, it does not matter if one of the teams is victorious.

The most used number is 2.5. In other words, the bet will be placed on the “over 2.5″ or “under 2.5″ markets. In this case, if the bet is on the over, you must expect at least 3 goals, and if the bet is on the under, the maximum number of goals must be 2.

First half/end of the match

end of the match

The market for the first half (HT) and the end of the game (FT) are conditioned by its timing. In it, you choose who will be the winner of the first part of the match and of the match in the ninety minutes.

It also usually appears with the letters HT and FT, which refer to half time (first time) and full time (total time).


This bet is made on the condition that both teams score goals. BTTS (Both Teams to Score) is a market in which you have two options to bet:

Both Teams Scoring: This is about both teams scoring goals.

Both teams do not score: neither team or only one team scores goals throughout the game.

Draw No Bet

The English term means, “tie no pay”. In short, in this market you choose one of the winners of the match, and if it ends in a tie, you get your money back.

It is an interesting market for beginners, as it helps the player to become familiar with the world of sports betting, with a money-back guarantee if the result is not the most favorable.

Half with more goals

In this market, you choose in which half of the match there will be more goals. It is also known as the “stage with the most goals”, and in it you choose between half the game or a draw, in which the sum of goals is equally distributed between both stages of the game.

Double hypothesis

A type of bet that offers you the possibility of choosing more than one result for a match. It is also known as a double chance, and allows you to bet, for example, on a win and a draw for team A. Or, you can even place a bet on a win for team A and also for team B for the same match they are playing.

The probability of success in this betting market can increase up to 66% compared to simple bets. It is, therefore, a good type of bet for those who are new to sports betting.

Money line

This is the most traditional market for soccer betting. Here one of the teams is chosen as the winner of the match. It also appears as 1×2, where each symbol refers to a specific result:

  • 1: home team victory;
  • x: tie between the teams; and
  • 2: victory of the away team.

Thanks to its popularity and its easy understanding, it is a market that always appears among the main ones, and that can generate good profits for the bettor.