Few events have the attraction of a casino heist. Before the advent of Hellspin and other online casinos, gamblers had to travel to a casino floor instead of playing from the comfort of their own home.

Of course, the floor is where all the action happens. Unfortunately, it can also serve as the setting for some daring heists. If you’ve seen films like ‘Oceans Eleven’ or ‘3,000 Miles to Graceland’, you’ll understand how casino robberies work. The real-life casino robberies, on the other hand, take the cake. Let’s take a look at some of history’s most notable casino heists.

Las Vegas’ Soboba Casino – 2007

This casino theft is notable for being an inside job. Ronaldo Luda Ramos, a surveillance technician, strolled into work, hogtied his colleagues, and stole $1.5 million from the casino vault. Ramos, who was 25 at the time, was in charge of coordinating the installation of security cameras. 

Before pointing a revolver at his coworker, he used this information to switch them off. He also stated that it was a BB gun and would not injure anyone. He was apprehended two days later at Los Angeles International Airport for strong-arm robbery, kidnapping, false detention, and violence. Almost all of the money was recovered, and Ramos was sentenced to up to 18 years in prison.

London’s Ritz Casino, 2004

Casino Heist

A group of gamblers employed laser scanners and microcomputers on their smartphones to calculate the speed of the roulette ball and wheel, as well as the number most likely to come up next. 

This data was sent into a computer, which allowed the group to analyse the best choices. They went away with $1.9 million thanks to their gadgets. After a nine-month inquiry, authorities determined that no crime had been committed, and the players’ earnings were refunded. 

Circus Circus, Las Vegas – 1993

Casino Heist

This is without a doubt one of the most intriguing heists ever. Heather Tallchief was able to pull off the theft without the use of cameras, cheating, or a complicated plan. Tallchief acquired a job with Loomis, driving armoured vehicles in Las Vegas, on the suggestion of her boyfriend,boyfriend Roberto Solis, a convicted murderer who was released from prison due to his award-winning poetry. 

She delivered cash to casino ATMs. Tallchief was on her way to the Circus Circus casino when she decided to drive away with around $3 million while the other transport guards were inside. Tallchief and Solis left the nation until 2005, when Tallchief surrendered. She alleges she split up with Solis and collected only $1,000 from the multimillion-dollar robbery. 

Las Vegas’ Stardust Casino, 1992

One of the most iconic casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, Stardust, was the setting for one of Vegas’ most unexpected heists. Bill Brennan, a casino cashier, was working quietly in 1992, stuffing $500,000 in cash and chips into his backpack before walking out the casino doors with his treasure.